Office Hours via email:

Monday - Friday (Morning) 9am-10am

Monday - Friday (Afternoon)1pm-2pm


EXTENDED LEARNING PLAN:  According to the Orange Board of Education mandate, the access codes for the following apps are listed here for student and parent access.

REMIND APP (for parents and students):

Web Design 1  @627gh4

Web Design 2  @7k88hhg


Web Design 4  @ba9fhg

Web Design 7   @62232e

Graphic Arts Production 3   @4ed37c

Graphic Arts Production 8   @3kh33c


Google CLASSROOM (for students to access assignments):

Web Design 1  qzkumvg

Web Design 2  wftetd4


Web Design 4  hyw366o

Web Design 7  wptsg5t

Graphic Arts Production 3   uugugc3

Graphic Arts Production 8  hbodirx

Assignments will be posted by 9AM each day, Monday – Friday. Each assignment contains a due date. Please note, parents will be contacted if students are not completing assignments.

Color Blindness Test

Mindfulness Techniques and Meditation

You can also search for 'mindfulness nature videos' online.

The Brain

Learn more about a career in Graphic Arts here.

Graphic Arts Club -  Students who are interested in joining should see Ms. Martin. 


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